By September 2008, it aims at a 6


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Hermes Replica Handbags “Higher steel price is a concern for the country and we, as an industry, have decided to moderate price increases,” Managing Director Sajjan Jindal, told reporters in Fake Hermes Bags a press conference.Jindal said the company would be under substantial margin squeeze due to escalating raw material costs and pressure from the federal government to tame prices on inflationary concerns.The company has contracted to import around 5.7 million tonnes coking coal, a key raw material, from various suppliers at an average $305 per tonne, a rise of over 200 percent from 2007.Iron ore prices are also rising internationally. Steel majors in India are expecting a 60 65 percent rise in prices this year.Earlier in the day, the company posted a profit of 4.61 billion rupees for the quarter ended March 2008 on efficiency in operations, cost reduction and capacity addition from acquisition of SISCOL in April 2007. Jindal group, said it plans to raise capacity by almost 2.5 times to Replica Hermes Handbags 10 million tonnes by March 2010, with an investment of 200 billion rupees.By September 2008, it aims at a 6.8 million tonne capacity.The projects would be funded through an equal mix of debt and internal accruals, Jindal said.”We are six months ahead of schedule on our brownfield projects. Hermes Replica Handbags

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