CLAIR (KMOV) Two people are dead following a crash involving a


ST. CLAIR (KMOV) Two people are dead following a crash involving a car and a semi truck Sunday night and its prompting questions about the section of I 44.According to Missouri Highway Patrol, the semi truck was leaving the rest area and merged on to I 44 when a car driving eastbound crashed into the back. The driver died on the scene, the passenger died later at the hospital.Drivers on Monday expressed concern about the rest stop area, saying it tricky because it sits in the middle of the interstate and drivers only have a short distance to merge into the fast area seems a little dangerous, me being a loaded truck by the time I get out in the left lane, I only doing 40 and you supposed to be in the right lane at that speed, said Craig Ludwig who was driving a truck from Indiana to Nevada.Ludwig and other drivers said it would be helpful if there was more room to merge.lane should be longer and divided until people can get up to speed to merge over into traffic, otherwise that’s going to happen all the time.

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