Honestly, though, don’t expect to miss them


The NHL is odd https://www.withjersey.com/, too, because it measuring system in the standings lends to a misleading appearance of parity. Because there are continual points awarded for overtime and shootout losses, even the bottom feeders look at the standings and feel like they may have a shot to get into playoffs. Most of the league is above.500..

Scrambled eggs made with good butter are one of the finest of all snacks. The dish makes a regular appearance in James Bond novels but it is inadvisable to follow Ian Fleming’s recipe. Requiring 375g butter and 12 eggs, it is as potentially lethal as Bond’s Walther PPK handgun.

1 defenceman. There are not many over half the teams don’t have one. There are deals out there we’re working on that have good defencemen. U can laugh all u want cos i gonna go broke again.:( sigh. But i guess tt i still have a pretty long time to go and get her prezzie. Since she is in japan.

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